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About Us

Resolvio is your preferred window film suppplier in Singapore. Working closely with our suppliers, we hold a wide range of film type and quality that will help you fight against persisting heating issues at home or in the office.

There are many reasons why your house feels warmer than it should be and most of them have to do with the furnishing and configuration of your furniture. But that doesn’t mean you need to start re-decorating or removing beautiful items around the house. Thankfully, with the right window film expertly pasted over your windows and glass doors, we can reflect sun rays and effectively bring down the temperature of each room.

To find out more, do schedule a free no-obligation consultation by filling up the form on this page or giving us a call on our hotline.

The Resolvio Advantage

The fact is, every house has different requirements. Depending on the direction of your windows, the type of paint, your room decor and much more, some rooms trap and retain heat better than others.

That’s why here at Resolvio, we make it a point to do down and personally do a “Room Heat” assessment. This helps us determine the best product to help you combat any heat issue you’re experiencing in your home.

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Our Window Film Benefits

Enhanced Privacy and Sun Glare

Enhanced Privacy and Sun Glare

Save energy and money spent every month

Reduce Aircon Load

Reduce Aircon Load

Save the environment and money spent while enjoying a cool breeze

Enhance Safety

Enhance Safety

Holds glass shattering in place, should the glass ever break

Comfort in Every Degree

Beating the heat is an easy feat. Stay in comfort with our Optimal Heat Technology that helps regulate temperature and reflect rays

UV Rays Protection

Don't let UV get under your skin! Shields, protects and blocks up to 99.9% of ultraviolet rays

Prevention is Better than Cure

Enhance Safety

Stay worry-free! Prevents deterioration and fabric caused by harsh sunlight exposure


Singapore Green Building Product Cert - Z40
Singapore Green Building Product Cert - X70