Technology That Transforms the Window Film Scene in Singapore

In a hot and humid country like Singapore, owning a quality set of window film makes a world of difference between heat trapped in a room and a cool, comfortable setting. In addition to reflecting UV radiation and minimising heat rays entering a room, a quality set of solar film helps to reduce air-conditioning cost in the long run. It’s no surprise that many of our clients have also requested for a range of solar films specially catering to our automotive clients.

One of the issues however with traditional window film solutions is that it uses colouring that wears out over time thus losing its effectiveness.

To answer this growing demand, we had to bring in the very latest cutting edge in window tinting technology that embeds nanoparticles into multiple layers of film to give you a more effective film that lasts longer.

Bringing You Smarter Micro-Electron Light and Heat Separation

Resolvio’s range of sputtered window films are carefully developed using propriety light and heat separation technology that filters the light spectrum based on optical attributes intensity. This technology was jointly developed using a Korean precision coating compound production, in line with German vacuum magnetron sputtering equipment.

The end product is a window film material that achieves sputtering on over ten layers of nanoscale metal coating, giving you a high degree of insulation and clarity while achieving low refraction and screening of heat and light. Blocking out harmful infrared heat more effectively and keeping your room much cooler.

And with the hybrid window film series, you get the best of both worlds with your preferred level of shading and heat retention level.

Zonling's 4 Core Processes

Leading-Edge Vacuum Multi-Layer Sputtering Equipment

High Precision Coating and Laminating Production Line

Rigorous Performance Testing

Class 100 Cleanliness Control

Revolutionary Transformation in China's Window Film Industry

Zonling is a world-leading Chinese window film manufacturer. Its parent company Dalian Allied nanotech is also a certified member of the International Window Film Associations (IWFA) with advanced vacuum sputtering and precision coating facilities and patented proprietary technologies.

With their multi-layer sputtering technology, the window films are adjusted to different levels of arrangements for varying degrees of heat reflection, greater glass performance, and indoor comfort.

There’s no surprise then that the company has received the highest level of certification in the industry, among many other awards.

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