Why Choose Resolvio?

Below are some of the questions we get frequently from our valued customers. For any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiry@resolvio.com.sg.  We promise to answer all your doubts within 24 hours.

You should install window films should ONLY after all major renovations work are completed (hacking and drilling) and before any curtains/blinds/grilles installation.

The condition of the site has to be clean and dust free; it provides better workmanship during installation.
During window film installation, please ensure that there are no hacking, drilling or noise involved. It would be a wet applications; Our installers will clean the glass panels with shampoo solution to removing stains and dirt marks before applying the films.

  1. Do not use Rough and Abrasive materials to clean the films to ensure no scratches appear on the film
  2. Common Window Cleaning Solutions are highly recommended
  3. Do not use newspapers or paper towels to clean the films. Soft cloths or towels are highly recommended
  4. Water Bubbles will disappear between 2 to 3 months after installation
  5. Do not pick at the edges of the film as it protects the film from contamination


  • Do not leave the film wet
  • Use different items to clean the outside of the window/glass and the film
  • Do not apply heavy pressure when cleaning the film

Resolvio Window Films warranty covers the following:

  1. Bubbling
  2. Shrinkage
  3. Delamination
  4. Discolouration
  5. Corrosion

Z-series – 15 years (fixed window) & 10 years (Casement/Sliding Windlow)
Deluxe series – 15 years (fixed window) & 10 years (Casement/Sliding Windlow)
Triumph series -10 years (fixed window) & 5 years (Casement/Sliding Windlow)
Relax series – 10 years (fixed window) & 5 years (Casement/Sliding Windlow)

Hybrid Series -10 years (fixed window) & 5 years (Casement/Sliding Windlow)

Safety Film – 10 years (fixed window), 5 years (Casement/Sliding Windlow), 2 years (direct contact with water)

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