Nano-Ceramic Film

Nano-Ceramic technology provides good heat rejection. It’s non-metallized
film comes in a natural tone to give amazing visible light transmission.
Significantly blocks off harmful UV rays and reduced infrared rejection.

A Better Choice for Window Tinting

How do you keep your home nice, comfortable, and cool on the hottest and sunniest days in Singapore?

At Resolvio, we have a wide range of nano-ceramic window films which are designed to block heat and provide the comfort and share you’ll love. It could be 38 degrees outside your window and you wouldn’t know.

You see, ceramic films have been in the industry for a long time as they’re highly durable and have a superior heat rejection level compared to other types of window films. And that’s including our other trademark range, the sputtered films.

However, this film technology and superiority does come at a price… due to the higher grade of materials involved, the price of producing a single sheet is costlier. But that’s also because you get a longer-lasting film where the dye doesn’t lose its colour over time and will continue to maintain its wonderful display quality with proper care and maintenance.

Our Solar Firm Advantage

Nano-Ceramic Series

Our nano-ceramic series comprises quality non-metallic film materials. While metal films are known for their long-lasting properties, they have a major downside such as interfering with radio and mobile signals. A big No-No for a wifi-heavy metropolitan city.

Instead, with nano-ceramic materials, you get the best of both worlds. A highly durable film without any signal interference.

Plus, depending on your preference, you can choose the level of privacy you prefer as the films come in different shades of darkness which hides your home content from a nosy neighbour’s prying eyes.

Most importantly, you’ll have UV ray and glare protection which keeps your home cooler even without the air-conditioning on. This small detail will quickly add up to your energy efficiency and long-term savings.

Resolvio - Nano Ceramic Series - P50
Warranty: 3
Thickness: 2 (mil)
Visible Light Transmittance %
Visible Light Reflectance (Ext./Int.) %
Ultraviolet Blocked %
IR Rejection %
Total Solar Energy Rejected %

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