8 Simple Reasons that will Convince the Toughest Sceptics to Install Window Films in Their Homes

Need an excellent way to reduce the heat in your home?

Then it may be time to install window films that block heat and provide privacy and security for your family. It is estimated that window films will save you up to 10% on energy costs, helping you save money on electric bills each month.

Window films can be applied to any type of glass surface including windows, doors, pool fences or even frosted window films for your bathroom glass panels. There are two main types of film available: one which blocks the sun’s rays (called Solar Control) and another called Low-Eco that reduces heat gain by reflecting infrared light away from the inside of homes (helping keep things cooler).

Because they are so energy-efficient, these solar films provide a number of advantages, including lower energy bills and the intangible beauty of having a more beautiful view of your environment.

Here are eight simple yet compelling reasons why you should install window films on all your home windows if you haven’t already done so.

1. Reduce the fading of your products and furnishings

When light enters a room, most of the time it comes through windows. This can fade expensive carpets, furniture and artwork in no time. By blocking out some of the light with window films, they keep the light from fading your carpet, furniture or personal belongings.

2. Reduce Unwanted Energy Transfer

Most of the time, when the sun enters a room, it heats up. By blocking out some of the light with window films, you can reduce this unwanted energy transfer and lower your cooling costs.

3. Savings on Energy Costs

Controlling energy transmission in your house, workplace, or retail environment will help your air conditioner and heater operate more smoothly. Maintaining constant temperatures all year round minimizes strain on your system and reduces work for it. This translates to lower utility expenses and fewer upkeep costs while also improving comfort.

4. Increase Privacy

When someone outside looks through your windows they get a clear look inside your home or business. This can also mean a loss of privacy for you and your family or employees. By installing blackout films that block out the light, these films obscure that view into your home or business so passers-by cannot see inside as clearly.

5. Protect Against Skin Cancer

Unprotected windows allow almost all of the harmful UV radiation to enter your home unchecked, which can harm your skin as if you were outside in the sun. Window films, like sunscreen, protect your skin while allowing you to sit comfortably in areas with plenty of sunshine. In fact, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation, window films are an excellent method for preventing indoor exposure to harmful UV radiation.

6. Enhances Your Safety.

In case of emergencies, blocked or obscured glass could be a safety hazard for first responders trying to get in and help those who need assistance; security is another concern with standard glass as it is easy to break through; we have all seen movies where someone throws a chair through a window and this was once possible (and potentially dangerous) but it is now much more difficult with some types of window films.

7. Lowering Glare With Window Films

Glare reduces visibility by limiting the amount of light entering the eye and thus affects people with normal vision as well as those who are light sensitive.

8. The True Effects of Visible Light

While the sun’s ultraviolet rays are invisible, they cause much damage to the interiors of your home by fading carpets and furniture over time. Window film helps reduce visible light that comes into your home or office which keeps your furnishings looking beautiful for longer periods of time.

The dark colour of window films may be a potential consumer concern. A popular belief is that if a window film absorbs 35% of visible light, it must absorb or block 65% of visible light. However, this is not the case.

Although window films do reduce the percentage of visible light, the human eye does not notice the difference in the same way as a Spectrophotometer (testing device) would. When calculating the characteristics for window films, compare the film’s measured VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) to how much light is perceived by the human eye. You can see that although only about half of visible light was reduced, the human eye only perceive about half of it.

Reduction of excessive visible light, in fact, improves vision by creating eye-straining glare. The ability to focus on an object clearly improves with reduced glare. Our selected window films allow for a significant quantity of visible light while also restricting unwanted solar energy when compared to traditional window films.


Window films are a simple and cost-effective way to reduce the fading of your products and furnishings, lower unwanted energy transfer, save on energy costs, increase privacy for you and your family or employees. Window film can also protect against skin cancer by blocking out up to 80% of ultraviolet rays from the sun which helps protect against skin cancer. The benefits of window films make it an invaluable investment in any home or commercial property.

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