How Blackout Window Films Can Save You Money and Keep Your Home Cool

Blackout window films are a great alternative to blackout curtains as first and foremost, a film doesn’t block out your apartment’s view. You paid good money for your home to have a fantastic view and the last thing you want is to always be drawing the curtains.

Instead, a good window film solution blocks and reflects both the sunlight and UV rays from entering your home or workplace. These darken films also come in a variety of thickness, opacity levels and sizes making them available for most homeowners regardless of your budget.

And if you need help fighting against the scorching heat in Singapore, these films are great at reflecting light away from buildings. This keeps the heat outside where it belongs and gives you better comfort inside especially during the hotter months.

In addition, they bring about greater savings and doesn’t work your air conditioning unit as much when keeping your rooms cool.

Are blackout window films allowed in Singapore?

Blackout window films are not specifically prohibited by the Housing and Development Board in Singapore. However, they are required to be installed on windows with an area of more than 200cm2. This is because blackout curtains are not permitted on windows with aluminium-clad frames or glass windows.

Can blackout window films be seen through?

Yes, blackout window films can be seen through. You will still have a view even when the film is installed on your windows. It will not make your room dark as it’s only meant to block out sunlight and UV rays from entering your home or workplace.

Are blackout window films heat-proof?

They are reflective in nature and work by blocking out light and UV rays from entering buildings.

As such the heat levels are naturally reduced within the rooms as heat is reflected away. This means that blackout window films also help to keep your room cool during the hottest April to June summer period!

Are they expensive to buy and install?

The price can vary depending on your choice of blackout film intensity, the size of your windows and the company you buy them from.

Generally speaking, however, they do tend to be more expensive than regular glass panes due to their design, anti-UV properties and privacy options. Smaller sized windows tend to cost less while larger ones will cost more – so it really depends on your needs!

There are also a variety of thicknesses, opacity levels and sizes. You may also want special features such as anti-graffiti coating for commercial applications.

Do Blackout Window Films make your room dark?

While the primary role is to block out sunlight and UV rays, your room will get darkened to a certain degree. However, a room won’t get as dark as drawn blackout curtains do because you can still see through the blackout window film. It allows natural light into your home but keeps out the heat during the day.

Can blackout window films crack or damage my glass?

No, there is a special material on the film which will not crack or damage glass surfaces. They can be applied on most types of glass surfaces without any issue! The blackout effect you get is achieved by applying the film to the side of your windows facing into your home or workspace. As such, you won’t need curtains or blinds that cover up your entire window.

You’ve bought a beautiful home, the last thing you want is to cover the amazing view outside your apartment.

What type of Blackout window films can I get in Singapore?

There are blackout window films that are manufactured with an anti-graffiti coating for commercial application.

They are available in a variety of thicknesses, opacity levels and sizes. blackout window films also come in a wide range of prices to suit most budgets. As previously mentioned, the HDB doesn’t specifically prohibit these films.

However, do take note that blackout curtains are not permitted on aluminium-clad frames or glass windows.


Ultimately, with blackout window films installed on your windows, your view is never affected. Your room may get slightly darkened, depending on the intensity of the film you choose, but natural will still come in. That’s the “good” light as both the scorching heat from the sunlight and UV rays are reflected away and prevented from entering your home or workplace.

They’re great for use in any type of building whether it’s residential, commercial, industrial or even institutional (schools).

They’re available at a wide range of prices and sizes to suit most needs. It’s no surprise then that they’ve become popular in recent years as most blackout window films are also cheaper than blackout curtains.

If you’re interested in installing blackout window films on your windows, do drop us a message to receive a free quote for your home or office.

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