Types of Films- Solar Window Films (Part 1)

Solar window films are widely known and searched for in Singapore due to our scorching hot weather. When it comes to the right window film for you, there are a plethora of solar films to choose from, on Google. From sputtered films to frosted films and hybrid films, there are even DIY solar films that you can get at a low cost on online marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada or Qoo10.

Solar window films come in different tint levels ranging from infrared rejection to total solar energy rejected. In Singapore, 90% of the market is selling ceramic films. Ceramic films are films that absorb heat energy when the sun hits the window glass panels, and transmits heat away. In the process, your window panels will get hotter over time. Once the film and window panels are unable to withstand the absorption of heat energy, the heat will end up emitting into your

To fully experience a cooler home, you should consider opting for Multi-layer Sputtering Technology films. With multi-layer sputtering technology, these window films are adjusted to different levels of arrangements for varying degrees of heat reflection, greater glass performance, and indoor comfort.

For more information on this amazing technology with detailed specifications, head on to https://resolvio.com.sg/sputtered-film/. Resolvio provides an onsite live heat demonstration experience to our clients so that you are able to fully experience and feel it yourself!

To feel it is to believe it.

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